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Not one leaf, flower, human or animal has an exact image of themselves. There is only one exactly like you. Then why would you like to look the same as everyone else?

I like to use this uniqueness by making unique pieces or limited editions that are made by hand piece by piece. 

Because my jewelry is often inspired on something or even someone, they always been given a name, this gives them there own identity. The jewelry I design are not always meant to wear on a daily basis, sometimes they are to fragile and sometimes they are richly decorated and more of a statement jewelry. This also symbolizes how I see the world around us, some things are fragile and other things are grand and overwhelming, these differences makes beauty.

Most of the pieces is only made once, this gives them the uniqueness as the one that wears them. Even if you order a different size, it will be slightly different than the original version, it's al in the details!

Many of my jewelry is made only once, this gives them the unique quality seen in nature. . The jewelry is made from honest materials, real pearls, gemstones that are as less colored and enhanced as possible. The used metals are sustainable like silver and gold. The Gold used in my jewelry is, since 2015, mostly fair trade, fair minded and recycled. Because I love showing how a jewel comes to making, I also teach jewelry designing at the Centre of Art and Culture.

Be you!